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Semantic Crawling Optimization

Most online writers use web applications like Wordpress and Tumblr to facilitate blogging, and as a result, writers are at the whim of the theme designer when it comes semantic correctness. In layman’s terms, semantic correctness is analogous with “how well the theme is coded.”
Choosing a Theme
When choosing a theme for my publications, I don’t [...]


After about two years of blogging at OpenRadix.org, I’m going to be re-branding this blog to Humani.st (Humanist). I wanted something a little more broad and accessible by the average human being and this seemed to fit. I’m ready to move to something new after being at .orgs and .coms for so long. Especially since [...]

Technorati Authority Boosting Script

“Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google [and] Yahoo.” —Wikipedia. Not only does Technorati allow for blog searching, they have their own rating system called “authority” which is analogous to Google’s PageRank. Authority is a function of how many incoming links a blog has. High authority is critical to finding [...]

Beginning Blogging

There are three key aspects to think about when starting to blog: Finding interesting blogs to read, reading blogs and becoming inspired and reactive, and then writing blog posts.

Comparing blogs to physical newspapers, blogs are analogous to individual columns of a newspaper. Physical newspapers have editors who choose the columns and articles to feature each [...]

Asians and Natural Language Evolution

Are Indians Asian?

It’s been common discussion between me and my friends lately about whether or not Indians are Asians. I think we’ve been split about 50/50. I have been saying that Indians are indeed Asian because India is in the continent of Asia. From Wikipedia:
In the United States, Canada, and Australia, the term [Asian] refers [...]