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Ubuntu Nvidia Compiz “Black Window Bug” Fix

Some Nvidia graphics cards suffer from a bug called the “Black Window Bug” when running Compiz (the Linux 3D desktop). The Nvidia drivers will stop rendering windows after a certain memory limit has been reached. This is a known Nvidia driver bug and has been fixed but did not make it into the Ubuntu Gutsy [...]

Faster Ubuntu Upgrade to Gutsy

When a new version of Ubuntu is released, thousands of people connect their computers to the Ubuntu servers to complete the upgrade. Even on a fast internet connection, downloading new versions of almost all current applications will take a long time. Coupled with everyone else trying to download from the same place at the same [...]

PAL2.0 + Ubuntu

This year, I’ve decided to make official Purdue PAL2.0 support for Linux a top priority of PLUG. There’s a nice abstraction that can be made to better clarify the issues at hand. The PAL2.0 issue can be broken down into two parts.

Technical Issues: PAL2.0 doesn’t “just work” for Linux. A small handful (maybe 5%) of [...]

Ubuntu Hard Drive Management on MacBook

Like everyone else, I used the /bin/false guide to install Ubuntu on my MacBook. Either I did something wrong or there was/is an error in the guide because lilo was installed to the MBR of /dev/sda and not the third partition, /dev/sda3, like specified in the given lilo.conf. I think the error in [...]

Shuttleworth’s Response to Dell

Mark Shuttleworth has posted a response to Dell’s Linux survey on his blog. He brings up two main observations: the first being “margins on PC’s are razor-thin” and the second being “free software fans are a fussy crowd.” Both of these observations are presented in a way which seems to say it will be hard [...]