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Google Health Can Fix U.S. Healthcare

Current Healthcare Situation Healthcare in the U.S. is far from equilibrium, with hyper-inflated costs in response to insane insurance costs. This causes healthcare to be unattainable by most lower class and an increasing number of middle class families. Healthcare should be an inalienable right but people avoid visiting the doctor because to them, the impending [...]

Manufactured Landscapes

Many animals build to sustain life. Bees build cubicals, ants build tunnels, beavers build dams, and humans build all of these. The difference is that humans grow in our consumption and building. Beavers have been building the same dams for hundreds of years while humans would think it ridiculous to build the same building as [...]

Web History Graph

There’s a constant cycle people go through online: searching and bookmarking; learning and remembering. But when telling people what I’ve learned, I don’t just give them the final “search results,” I tell them how I got there. Searching and bookmarking should be the same way. I propose a Firefox plugin that not only remembers the [...]

Thorn & Erlang

I’ve started working on a research project with Prof. Vitek of Purdue University and some X10 researchers at T.J. Waston research center. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about the project but we are working on a new programming language nicknamed Thorn. X10 should give you a hint has to what kind [...]

PAL2.0 + Ubuntu

This year, I’ve decided to make official Purdue PAL2.0 support for Linux a top priority of PLUG. There’s a nice abstraction that can be made to better clarify the issues at hand. The PAL2.0 issue can be broken down into two parts. Technical Issues: PAL2.0 doesn’t “just work” for Linux. A small handful (maybe 5%) [...]