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Shortcomings of Mercurial

Mercurial is, by far, the best revision control application I’ve ever used, with Git a close second. Fundamentally, Mercurial does revision control correctly: distributed, clean CLI, and good documentation. I’ve never had any qualms with it, even in team settings. On the other hand, I have noted some complaints teammates have had with Mercurial, sometimes [...]

Single vs. Multiple Computer Setups

As the price gap between notebooks and desktops closes, two computer setup have emerged. Clearly mobility is required these days and therefore a laptop (or mobile gadget) is integral to all computer setups, but the real question is: is the user’s notebook the one and only main computer or is the notebook auxiliary to something [...]

Web History Graph

There’s a constant cycle people go through online: searching and bookmarking; learning and remembering. But when telling people what I’ve learned, I don’t just give them the final “search results,” I tell them how I got there. Searching and bookmarking should be the same way.

I propose a Firefox plugin that not only remembers the history, [...]

Learning Distributed Revision Control Systems

Like it or not, the distributed revision control model is here to stay. Brian Fitzpatrick, a Subversion and Apache developer, told a group of us Purdue students that SVN will indeed be getting distributed features similar to “the Mercurial model.” Many companies are already starting to use DRCS and the rest are on their way.
The [...]

Todoist Premium

I use Todoist for my task management, of both life and virtually from GMail, and I literally wouldn’t know what to do without it. Todoist is free but offers a premium service where you get some extended functionality and access to SSL connection for three dollars a month. I don’t even care so much about [...]