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PAL2.0 + Ubuntu

This year, I’ve decided to make official Purdue PAL2.0 support for Linux a top priority of PLUG. There’s a nice abstraction that can be made to better clarify the issues at hand. The PAL2.0 issue can be broken down into two parts.

Technical Issues: PAL2.0 doesn’t “just work” for Linux. A small handful (maybe 5%) of [...]

Purdue Linux Users Group 2007

PLUG has been going extremely strong this year. Some of the major steps we’ve taken are getting corporate sponsorship (first time in at least for years, maybe more) and starting an initiative to get official Purdue University wireless support for Linux. I’ve been talking to the head IT employee behind Purdue’s wireless and the Ubuntu [...]

Changes in Linux, Changes in PLUG

Recently, Linux has grown by leaps and bounds, moving into the mainstream consumer market. PLUG, as a Linux based community, must also grow to accommodate these changes. It has always been PLUG’s main goal to spread Linux and this goal will not change. The means of execution, however, will. In the past, PLUG was service [...]

Flickr, Upcoming, and Delicious

After a year, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading my travel photos to flickr. I couldn’t decide whether to use Google’s Picasa or Yahoo’s Flickr but what ultimately tipped the scale was the fact that flickr can tie into upcoming.org events.
Since moving to Austin for Dell, upcoming.org has really proven a good source for finding [...]

New PLUG URL & Banner

This year, I’m not the PLUG president but I am an officer. Also, this year, the PLUG president has been abroad and completely inactive in PLUG. This has put me in the unique situation of being the only former president in the group. All other officers (vice president, treasuerer) are still the same people as [...]