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SocialThing vs. FriendFeed

With blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Pownce, Vimeo etc, it’s hard staying on top of the social web. It’s the ever-cliché problem of “more information that we know what to do with.” The social web, to me, is analogous to CML’s message passing model. All the modular social apps listed above are communication channels and [...]

Life In a Web Startup

I spent three days in San Francisco basically living with the founders, Daniel and Jason, of Disqus, a small Y Combinator startup that is building a distributed comment system for online publications (I use it on this blog). The trip was, by far, one of the best experiences of my life. I got a unique [...]

Paid Blogging

I write blog articles because it’s enjoyable. I spend weeks finding the perfect sources, wording, images, and tone for each article. Blogging is how I unwind after long hours of programming but it’s also a pretty big investment. I have to pay for hosting and the domain name out of my pocket, not to mention [...]

TV On(line) Demand

My first few days of Christmas break (specifically December 17th) were made that much better when I received my invite to Hulu, the online TV and video on demand service with NBC and FOX shows. Before Hulu, I’ve used a few other services. On March 2nd, I landed an invite to Joost’s then private beta [...]

Manufactured Landscapes

Many animals build to sustain life. Bees build cubicals, ants build tunnels, beavers build dams, and humans build all of these. The difference is that humans grow in our consumption and building. Beavers have been building the same dams for hundreds of years while humans would think it ridiculous to build the same building as [...]