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Epiphany Moving to WebKit

Epiphany, the very excellent Linux web browser for Gnome, will now use WebKit, instead of Gecko, as the layout engine. I’ve used Epiphany extensively in the past when Firefox 2 was terrible on Linux and Epiphany has had the added benefit of native GTK+ widgets and was definitely faster than Firefox 2. WebKit, in parallel, [...]

Chmod Dirs and Files Separately

Chmod-ing a whole directory recursively is usually not a good idea. Directories should be executable when serving them via http but the documents should not. Here’s a set of commands from the Mercurial book to help separate chmod-ing of directories and files:
$ chmod 755 ~
$ find ~/public_html -type d -print0 | xargs -0r chmod 755
$ [...]


Though there are probably some better solutions out there, I wrote a simple bash script to email me when my server’s IP address changes. My ISP loves to change my IP address randomly, and when I’m not home for extended periods of time, it’s a pain to not have access. This script will email me [...]

Ubuntu Nvidia Compiz “Black Window Bug” Fix

Some Nvidia graphics cards suffer from a bug called the “Black Window Bug” when running Compiz (the Linux 3D desktop). The Nvidia drivers will stop rendering windows after a certain memory limit has been reached. This is a known Nvidia driver bug and has been fixed but did not make it into the Ubuntu Gutsy [...]

Firefox 3 Speedups

After much delay, Mozilla finally made the first beta release of Firefox 3. I was extremely unhappy with Firefox 2 when it was first released because of memory leaks and bloat. I felt that the developers put much more effort into the Windows version than the Linux or Mac OS X versions and my thoughts [...]