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Unified Web Persona: Custom OpenID & G-Talk URLs

An online web persona is essentially a collection of online personal effects: web pages, profiles, and accounts. It’s important to have a well maintained web persona for a few reasons: to be easily discovered by potential employers, to build connections, and to be easily contacted. I try to saturate search results for my name with [...]

Ubuntu Nvidia Compiz “Black Window Bug” Fix

Some Nvidia graphics cards suffer from a bug called the “Black Window Bug” when running Compiz (the Linux 3D desktop). The Nvidia drivers will stop rendering windows after a certain memory limit has been reached. This is a known Nvidia driver bug and has been fixed but did not make it into the Ubuntu Gutsy [...]

Computer Science Interviewing Techniques

As a follow-up to my reverse interviewing article, below is an outline of some of my theories on interviewing in general.
Reviewing vs. Cramming
Preparing for interviews is a smart idea but there’s also some things to be careful of. Preparing can be split into two methods: reviewing and cramming. Reviewing material which the interviewee has previous [...]

Reverse Interviewing for Computer Science Jobs

In the first few months of my senior year of university, I’ve probably spent close to 30 hours interviewing for prospective employers1 and received offers from a few of them as well. With so much interviewing in such little time, it’s pretty easy to recognize patterns and potential motivations behind interview techniques. These techniques are [...]

Ubuntu Hard Drive Management on MacBook

Like everyone else, I used the /bin/false guide to install Ubuntu on my MacBook. Either I did something wrong or there was/is an error in the guide because lilo was installed to the MBR of /dev/sda and not the third partition, /dev/sda3, like specified in the given lilo.conf. I think the error in [...]