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Google Health Can Fix U.S. Healthcare

Current Healthcare Situation Healthcare in the U.S. is far from equilibrium, with hyper-inflated costs in response to insane insurance costs. This causes healthcare to be unattainable by most lower class and an increasing number of middle class families. Healthcare should be an inalienable right but people avoid visiting the doctor because to them, the impending [...]

How Google App Engine Affects Startups

Google has just announced a new service called Google App Engine. “Google App Engine enables [developers] to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power Google applications.” Basically GAE is a scalable web application back-end with a nice API. So what does this mean for web startups?1 Because web startups commonly have an [...]

Semantic Crawling Optimization

Most online writers use web applications like WordPress and Tumblr to facilitate blogging, and as a result, writers are at the whim of the theme designer when it comes semantic correctness. In layman’s terms, semantic correctness is analogous with “how well the theme is coded.” Choosing a Theme When choosing a theme for my publications, [...]

Unified Web Persona: Custom OpenID & G-Talk URLs

An online web persona is essentially a collection of online personal effects: web pages, profiles, and accounts. It’s important to have a well maintained web persona for a few reasons: to be easily discovered by potential employers, to build connections, and to be easily contacted. I try to saturate search results for my name with [...]

Facebook Needs to Internationalize

Targeted Ads Web2.0 has basically boiled down to one business model: users receive free services in exchange for personal information which then drives targeted ads Google took this almost non-existent targeted ads business model and made it into The Business Model of the decade. Google is trying to acquire the online ad agency Double-Click, Microsoft [...]