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Talking to Erlang

In a previous post, Scalable Web Apps: Erlang + Python, I talked broadly about using HTTP to make external applications talk to an Erlang cluster over the internet or network. The following code is an example of a MochiWeb server set up to receive HTTP requests with embedded JSON. HTTP is basically used as a [...]

Scalable Web Apps: Erlang + Python

Motivation This post describes how to program scalable web applications with Erlang and Python using computational parallelism. Caching and load balancing are well documented elsewhere and beyond the scope of this post. Web applications, by nature, span two drastically different programming domains: The high-level web design and development domain and the low-level, high-performance, and distributed [...]

Thorn & Erlang

I’ve started working on a research project with Prof. Vitek of Purdue University and some X10 researchers at T.J. Waston research center. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about the project but we are working on a new programming language nicknamed Thorn. X10 should give you a hint has to what kind [...]