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Suspicious Design Similarities

While reading a design blog about new site designs and typography in early April of 2008, I noticed a site called “Hell Yeah Dude” which bore a strikingly similar title and logo design to my personal web site, Luke.Hoersten.org. In particular, the lighter colored top level domain (.com/.org) in contrast to the darker title text, [...]

Fix Disqus Validation Errors on Wordpress

Disqus is a great comment system but unfortunately the Wordpress plugin generates invalid XHTML. Luckily it’s pretty easy to fix. I’ve made the necessary changes and packaged them up. A simple diff will show the minimal amount of changes needed.
Disqus Wordpress Plugin — Fixed validation

Semantic Crawling Optimization

Most online writers use web applications like Wordpress and Tumblr to facilitate blogging, and as a result, writers are at the whim of the theme designer when it comes semantic correctness. In layman’s terms, semantic correctness is analogous with “how well the theme is coded.”
Choosing a Theme
When choosing a theme for my publications, I don’t [...]

Humani.st Link Update

Please update your feed links to feeds.feedburner.com/Humanist and any site links to Humani.st.


After about two years of blogging at OpenRadix.org, I’m going to be re-branding this blog to Humani.st (Humanist). I wanted something a little more broad and accessible by the average human being and this seemed to fit. I’m ready to move to something new after being at .orgs and .coms for so long. Especially since [...]