Google Friend Connect: Deface Your Site

After adding a few Google Friend Connect widgets to my site, I’ve determined that relationship just wont work out. GFC looks like trash. All the widgets must be pre-formatted to a specific pixel width and height. I’ve spent hours searching for this theme, tweaking it, crafting everything to the em, and making sure everything integrates perfectly. Imagine spending hours baking the perfect multi-layer wedding cake and then at the end, scribbling the name of the bride and groom on a few sticky notes and slapping them on the frosted flowers. Sure, value is being added, but at what cost?Cake

I was a bit afraid that Google had the girth to capture some of the potential mainstream demographic from Disqus but now I realize that Google’s going for the cut-copy-paste website owners. Google used to be so good at design but somehow they’re becoming the web2.0 version of good ol’ 90′s Geocities.

Disqus will soon have more mainstream accessibility with the comming addition of Facebook Connectect. Facebook Connect will achieve the same “value added” as Google— linking Facebook accounts with websites— but with the elegance and tailored integration of Disqus blog connection.

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  • Sahil Desai

    I think you really nailed it here. I just found this article that i read a while back before Friend Connect came out fully.

    We'll have to see how all this FB Connect, GFriend Connect stuff works out.

  • Luke Hoersten

    Sucks they couldn't have done something better. Phil was so excited about it's potential too. I bet he's disappointed.

  • Jeff

    You do have a pretty good looking blog ;)

  • Fat Binder

    Great post! I've bookmarked your blog. Hope we can swap links.

    Why can't I open your rss feed? No post is showing.

    Best Regards!


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  • authorityseo

    Facebook account is available now and I am a big fan of using DISQUS. I would like DISQUS to work the way you can check the box and auto send your comment to Facebook

  • clinicaltrials

    The Facebook and Twitter aspect of DISQUS is really cool that you can now comment using those profiles. Especially since almost everyone online has one of those two profiles already

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