Finding Startup-ish Jobs

All through university, the question of “where do I want to work” has been looming over me and I’ve always had a stock response in the back of my mind. The stock response enabled me not to worry about job searching too much. When the time came to truly get a job, though, I realized the stock job I’d been “dreaming” of was not at all for me. The stock job for me, and probably almost everyone, is to work at a large corporation. This makes sense because large companies are well known, have well defined business models, have a large surface area for recruiting, and my parents will know where I work. Large corporations are the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance definitely has it’s benefits, such as (arguably) more job security. If an employee is one in 80,000 people, there’s a lot smaller chance he will get fired than if he is one in 100. The downsides are less responsibility, slower movement within the company, and with less risk comes less chance for bigger payoffs.

In fact, the larger companies try and saturate the recruitment market. So where is one to look for the smaller style jobs?

KernelTrap has added a “job board” for Linux Kernel jobs to their website!
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